MRIQC - Hassleless quality control of MR images

MRIQC extracts Image Quality Measures from structural T1w and functional BOLD MR images

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Quality Control made convenient.

MRIQC provides a series of image processing workflows to extract and compute a series of NR (no-reference), IQMs (image quality metrics) to be used in QAPs (quality assessment protocols) for MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

This open-source neuroimaging data processing tool is being developed as a part of the MRI image analysis and reproducibility platform offered by the CRN. This pipeline derives from, and is heavily influenced by, the PCP Quality Assessment Protocol.

This tool extracts a series of IQMs from structural and functional MRI data. It is also scheduled to add diffusion MRI to the target imaging families.


MRIQC's documentation is found at

Visual Reports

Examples of group and individual reports, for structural and functional images on the ABIDE dataset, are found here:

The individual reports are accessed by clicking on the small circles representing samples in both summary reports.

Authors and Contributors

Oscar Esteban, Krzysztof F. Gorgolewski, Craig A. Moodie, William Triplett. Poldrack Lab, Psychology Department, Stanford University, and Center for Reproducible Neuroscience, Stanford University.